Getting to know the LitB1 Exam

You should spend some time today looking at past papers here and getting to know the layout and timing of the paper.

  • Section A – Answer two questions on one text you have studied (1 hour)
    The odd numbered question will refer to a how the narrative is told in a specific chapter/part of the text.  You will need to refer to several specific quotations from this text and analyse the way the author has constructed the narrative.The even numbered question will refer to a broader issue in the text, possibly a theme, a critic’s judgement about the text or an exploration of the genre of the text.  You will need to explore AO1 (Argument and technical terms); AO3 (Your reading and alternative readings of the texts) and AO4 (relevant historical context).  You must refer to these throughout your answer with specific quotations to instances in the text.
    You should learn some relevant context for two of the texts you have studied in preparation for Section A, this means that you will have some freedom with the text you choose to answer questions about.
    You must only answer questions about one text in this part of the paper.
  • Section B – you must answer one question about the remaining three writers you have studied (1 hour).
    You must not answer about the same text used in Section A.
    You should aim to write about at least 2-3 poems per poet.
    You will be assessed on AO1,2 and 3.

You can find the examiner’s report here.

Today’s activities – don’t over do it today – but do complete one of the tasks below (possibly the past questions task)

Context Research some relevant context for all four of your authors, just in case you decide to change texts for section A.  There are some videos about historical context that have been previously posted on Edutronic for The Great Gatsby, as well this, you could read the introduction to the novel.Enduring Love – read through this booklet.

Rossetti – look into feminist readings and the oratorial style of ‘Jesse Cameron’, ‘Maude Clare’ and ‘Sister Maude’.  You can find some research on ‘In the Round Tower at Jhansi, 1857’ here.

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