Today’s LitB1 Revision Activities

Choose at least one of the activities below to complete today.  You should spend at least 45 minutes on this.

Time Setting Map how Time has been used in at least two Tennyson Poems – find five quotations for each.

What next: make flash cards or a mind map of key quotations that you can refer to from you character map. Remember: your focus should be authorial intent – how has Tennyson used time to construct the narrative?

Key Critics Revise the following critics and their views on narrative:




What next: apply the theories of these critics to the structures of at least two texts from each of the authors you have studied – find three specific quotations to prove your argument and copy them out onto a mind map or post-its to stick around your house.

Past Questions Plan an answer to at least one of these Section A even Questions :

How far do you agree with the claim that the primary interest of Enduring Love is how stories can be created? (21 Marks)

How do you respond to the views that the males in Rossetti’s poems are always villains (21 Marks) [try to respond using references to at least three poems]

How far do you agree with Nick’s view that Gatsby is ‘worth the whole damn bunch altogether’?



Remember: you must include AO4, technical language and specific supporting quotations


I will look at blogs at 9pm tonight if you would like me to review any of your revision work.

See you tomorrow for the next activity!

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